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As far as your zonealarm goes see this for configuring it to allow LW access (also for xp firewall):

Is it some kind of ruse just to entice people with a glimpse of what they could have had like in the Sale of the Century?
lol Maybe! har har har lol But I've been happy with LW for a no. of years. Helping out on the forum now as a way of thanking them.

So you tried Fixes for Limewire & it didn't make any improvement for you? Try the Beta 4.3.2 Many people have doubts about betas & me as well. But with the LW betas I've used every one since LW 4.1.4 & been satisfied with them. I think that's roughly close to 10 of them.

Give LW some time to connect & don't rush in & do things. But if you're not even getting started, then I'd suggest you do a system check. Clean up your system & your registry (but only if you know how or have a utility that can do it.) Defragment your HDD.

Last & least prefered option: Might I suggest you delete all the files in your incomplete folder & try again.

Another last resort is to use the international (multilingual) version of LW installer. It uses a different type of installer. But it forces LW to use Java 1.3 which is a little inadequate in many cases.

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