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Default (Old instructions part 1)

Finding your LW Preferences Folder called .limewire _ (Old instructions)
(Applicable only to LW 4.10 or earlier or users who started with such versions deleting prefs for first time.
If you started using LimeWire with LW 4.11 or later version after March 2006, then see post #4 at near bottom of thread.)

For those of you who are not computer savvy & have problems finding your way around your computer. I have provided an example of an alternative way of finding your Limewire (LW) Preferences folder. Remember this should be done whilst LW is closed! This includes two ways of deleting the LW preferences folder within the one animation. The 1st deletion method is the better. (i) Bring up search function as shown in sample image below. Then proceed to (ii) in post #3 below for further instructions & samples.

Fixes for Limewire when LW isn't operating as it should-os-search-selection.gif(click to see older instructions)

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