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Wink p2p challenge: slyk is at it again

slyk is at it again. sigh story is here
Considering the amount of networks TrustyFiles is able to search and download from, it would be difficult for singular network clients such as LimeWire to compete, or even accept, such a challenge. This is like a Boeing 747 challenging a Cessna 172 to a race across the United States
from slyck's 'story'

So I though I'd see what the LimeWire would do up against the 'Boeing'

-set LimeWire 4.3.3 Pro prefs to 100 simultaneous downloads on mi l'il 'ol mac (800MHz G3 iBook)
-clicked "what's new" search and downloaded the first 100+ files that showed up.

1 hour later (good speeds), 70 were complete, 25 went to "need more sources", and a few more were still downloading.

LimeWire rocks, eh!
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