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Default Network Stucturing and Uniformity.

I have an idea to make the network a much better structured and uniformed network. As i see it, meta/id3 tags and filenames are always screwed up. Your searching with limewire is sometimes frustrating because someone renamed something, messed with meta data or messed with the file itself. So what can we do? Thats a question that i would like to try to answer.

An outside agent seperate from limewire and gnutella exists, there might be more than one, but its the only one im aware of and the a lookup feature for it already exists in limewire. Its name of the site is called bitzi.

Limewire should get with the bitzi web lookup (or a site that does something similar) and limewire would integrate a better and a completely autimated way of fixing meta data and file names with the bitprint. Have this as an optional component that can be turned on/off.

Im sure that this can be done and it would structure and uniform the network and make it nearly the best, if not the best already it would give it a significant boost. It would give a definate advantage for all parties involved: limewire, gnutella network, and the users.

Please post any questions, comments concerns, addons and information you may have. I would really like this to be a collaboritive effort and to get it going.
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