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Yes, Audio books are just like any mp3 file / song, they act exactly the same.

And this same problem also vexes me. Mac OS.10.2.8 / Limewire 4.2.6 ( I have 4.3.3 beta but it won't mount in disk utility).

- iTunes (under Limewire prefs) is checked - and applied

- Many many other mp3 files have downloaded and played, and imported to iTunes. large and small.

- I have changed the file name (not the ext.) to reduce the amount of characters, still no change.

- I have manually "dragged & dropped" the file from "shared" directly over the iTunes library. Nothing.

- I have attempted to open /add file from iTunes side (version 4.7.1.), still nothing.

- file never said it was corrupt. File downloaded and verified. File icon is not blank. It looks like any other file.

- I've read pages and pages of threads in many forums, and the problem doesn't look to be addressed fully (case in point the response to this old thread). I assume this is another kink yet to be ironed out in future Limewire products. I don't have Limewire Pro, however I fail to see how that would help. If so, please explain.

I'm still open to suggestion, if anyone has ideas. Thanks in advance.
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