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Originally posted by bill001
Hey can you add a feature that makes the sharing private masking IP's or encrypting the communications so they can't be tracked? I know a lot of other P to P clients do this so why not limewire, gnutella, etc? Thanks!
because the gnutella network is a open source, you can't run under a proxy. Either way the other side that your tapping in to can see your IP on an open network work.

Clients that do this are most likely running a server like Napster did to make it work on other clients on that network but not when you adventure outside that network to a huge open source.

Bearshare does have encrypting for upload and downloads, This is why you will see a lock when you run Bearshare. But I hope you understand you can't run a proxy which is what you trying to say on the gnutella network.


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