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Originally posted by bill001
Thank you for the reply. I see what you mean about proxies obscuring the IP, but isn't there a way to encrypt the IP so the user of the software will not know what the connecting IP is? Or even bounce it through other clients so it protects the users better. Sort of like a temporary proxy by whomever is running the client software. That way you'd have many proxies based on the number of clients connected at any one time.
There isn't a way known to do this and make it work, Both computers/clients need to see the IP address that your taping into, even if using push routes with other clients to envade the IP some how, the other side will never get the content it's requesting because it will not beable to find the host to make that connection. if your using a server to do this it will work but not on an open network, I think just like you, I would love to have this and I ask back in the days for this as well just as you are now.

See if the damn RIAA and MPAA wasn't so money hungry, this can be done with servers but see this is why they have a hard time now fighting the open free source like gnuella lol. It's better this way believe or not but don't let any client tell you they can hide your IP outside there network when they try to tap in to files outside there network like with clients like Bearshare or limewire.

I think it would be good to have this as well and I wish there was a way but I know better, the ones that have a Central Server like Napster did will only come down in time anyway sooner or later, they start up make there money and either skip or start another name, it's harder to walk around the law this way and you'll most likely be using servers outside the US where the laws are different and this can be done. Don't you hate the US sometimes lol.

And if there is ever one day a way to make this work, that person should be rich because I will turn and go and use there software then over any other.

I've been around along time with this and I have to say, it's a very huge gnuella network, I still can't believe how big it is. That's why you will alway have little clients tapping in to take what they don't have. Just my thought lol.

Ok now let me go on because now I got that out of the way I can relate to your question as to if both partys (I'm thinking if you were asking this) software built into it have fake IP's which once a user types in a search, results come up and the Ip would either be all the same/fake or all different fake Ip's addresses:

Nope I see what your saying right there but again if it can be done they havn't found a way to hide each search results with all diffterent fake IP which only the software can decode, it might be possible but poople that know what they're doing can go into the ini file and take this feature out anyway and while you thinking your covered your not.

I can only explain the best I can, there are better reasons this can't be done.

Your welcome

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