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Unhappy Same Old Story

It's been a while since I last visited the Limewire forums (because everything has been running smoothly even after I upgraded from OS 10.2.8 to 10.3.7). But something urged me to come back and read the latest threads sent in by other OSX users. I have to congratulate Lord of The Rings (and the other moderators, and those people who know what a good thread consists of) for tolerating those users who continually insist on sending a new thread that contains absolutely no set up or technical information regarding their problem. I can understand there are a lot of non-technical users out there but it is no excuse for sending in a thread that goes along the lines of... (and this one clinched it for me)... "Why is it I can get Limewire running but my wife *********** can't on her computer? Please help!". A classic. Again, the moderators must have a right old laugh at some of these threads, and at times you must be tearing your hair out. It doesn't matter how many posts you put out saying 'this is what a good thread consists of' or 'read this before sending in your thread' or 'search the forum before sending a new thread' the same monkeys will invariably ignore them and go ahead with a thread that says, "Where's the on button for my computer? Honestly, I know what I'm doing - I don't need to read the instructions". Apologies to those who are having genuine problems after having read all the forums and the installation instructions and then sent in a worthy thread. Unlike this one that is. Thanks again to the moderators and those alike who continue to provide invaluable assistance. Is filtering out the detritus a full time job?
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