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Default Freedom to choose

Dear superesonator

You have made some good points about the misuse of technology and there is no way I can argue against the views you voice.

However, what I will do is express my own opinion, technology down the ages have brought us great benefits and I firmly believe that the internet is the greatest communication tool ever invented since the wheel. Like all technologies before it, the internet, and the technologies surrounding it, are open to misuse and outright abuse.

I think that our abuse of technology in general, and the internet in particular, is primarily caused by our human frailties, this will not ever change as long as we remain slaves to our weaknesses.

But I would rather have the wheel, which led to carriages, cars and easier transport of weapons, than have to walk or run everywhere. Likewise, I would rather have the internet, with all the information and enlightenment it has brought me (it makes it harder for politicians to tell out right lies) than let the easier access to pornography tarnish such a great asset.

To finish, we will always abuse technology, no matter what it is, but we should not let our stupidity stop us from profiting from the benefits that we can derive.

UK Bob

PS. I don't know anything about "Freebird".
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