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Default Feature Requests sorted and summarized

This is a short list of feature requests for Phex. I sorted it according to what I think most important. Feel free tpo discuss it in this thread and to add new feature requests in here (I'll put them into the list, then). I partly cathegorize simply by intuition, but I hope this is no problem

Info: Bug reports should go to: Bugs at sourceforge.

The three cathegories stand for:
a) Profile: Feature Requests, which are on the wishlist or have not yet been done, but seem important, and can be used for PR. What can set Phex apart.
b) Backend: All those parts which improve the general inner workings of Phex. The harsh reality behind the Look and Feel (the GUI).
c) GUI and Polish: As opposite of the Backend, this is about all those things, which imporove the feeling of the User-Interface and the usability for the User, often withhout offering significant "objective" advantages (else than maybe a few clicks less work), but often make the difference in the first choice of programs.
d) Other: There are always things, which defy cathegorisation.

The List moved to the Wishlist in our wiki. It's far easier to manage .

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