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Unhappy I need help PLEASE

When I first came across the LimeWire site, it said if I subscribe i could download music, movies, TV shows, and play station 2 games. I have the music part down pat, but what about movies and playstation 2 games? When I download a movie and it says "complete" I double click on it, it takes me to Windows Media Player and the I get an error saying I don't have a code(s). Could someone PLEASE take the time to give me step-by-step instructions on how to do this? I have gone into every question and answer site, help, user's guide, and nothing has helped. I have downloaded all this stuff that LimeWire says I need to do this, but I still can't download it, find it, or anything else. Does LimeWire provide a user's guide for "Dummies?"

Please, someone help me. Yes, I am a new user.
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