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Limewire (LW) offers nothing but the program LW. If you went to a site that offers more then it was probably a scam site. See:
I hope you didn't pay for the free version! What site did you go to??? There are no subscription to LW!!! There's Pro which costs $18.88 or the free version which costs ... well it's free!!!

This is the only site to get LW the official site:

There is a user guide here: & best if you downld the zip version & use Acrobat Reader to read the unzipped pdf file. Many more tips on learning to use LW you can find if your venture around this forum & read the various posts. But also read the forum rules before posting:

If you can't play a movie due to codecs then get the ones you need or/and get a player with in-built codecs & is free & plays everythings except the odd wmv file: VLC: (choose nearest mirror site)

Codecs can be found here: (Mirror2 link only) OR

For a decent audio player get iTunes: & it will nicely organise your music into artists & their albums in folders within. It has other advantages. WMP has many disadvantages including spyware.

By the way you should arm yourself with a decent antivirus program & anti-virus & adaware programs.
Two that are free & trusty: ad-ware
-Spybot - Search & Destroy

Some tips on searching & optimising LW:
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