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*heavy sigh*

i've been reading. yep. and learning too. a big thank-you to all of you.... questioners, answerers, and resident gurus.

re ya'all's connection speeds:

a 70X mghz
2 20gig hd's
56k v92 modem
(am rural, upgrade is not feasible, nor dsl, etc, available)

i'm locked at a pathetic 26.4K dialup. that's on a good day. yes, it's the local rural telephone company as a provider. a monopoly.... so what's a gal to do?! ya'all were talkin OOB's in another thread, and i thought OBE's would possibly be faster.....for me.

so, i fussed with this darlin progy like this thread suggested. and i noticed two things:

folks are droppin in and lookin around.... at my .rm and .wav.... but nothing's being uploaded. LOL.... sorry, but at my speeds i've lil else to offer.
today is the first time i've actually d/l'd mp3s.

and i tried the adjusting of my upload and download.....
but, darlin folks.............
downloads for me are a speedy 1/2/and wow, the occasional 3kbs.

my question is..... how in the world of gopher mounds (my only hilly view in rural ND) can i balance my ULs and DLs?

i d/l'd LW this afternoon. yep. just today! and, my goodness, i've fallen in love with a program.

is it possible to adopt a geek? sorry..... i digress.......
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