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A 56 kbps modem is the equivalent of 8KB/s however there will be some loss due to overhead. So at very best you'd get a total of 7 KB/s but on average about 5 KB/s. That is the total upload & downld combined (unlike cable/broadband, etc. that have separate upld & downld speeds.) So that means you need to balance your upld & downld bandwidth. eg: say 3-3.5 down & 1.75-2 up. Unfortunately on dial up it's not possible to get better than that. I used LW on dial up for over 3 years (until 6 months ago.) We dial up users often have the hardest (rare ones) to get files ... I mean that in more ways than one lol.

For fastest downlds try not to downld too many at once. Keep it to one or 2 or perhaps 3 max. But at 3 you might be testing others patience. lol

Make sure you have your firewalls set up correctly for LW to pass thru both ways. See:

After LW's been on for at least 30 mins or much longer, Do this test: Bug Report instructions & sample image If it's True then that's good & healthy. If it's False then you have a firewall that's not properly configured for others to upld from you.

Originally posted by granni
i'm locked at a pathetic 26.4K dialup.
I'm not sure what you mean there. That sounds like half the speed of dial up or if that's 26 KB/s then that must be high speed dial up which is about 5 times faster than standard dial up. Our ISP also has it. If that's the case, then you can afford to increase your downld & upld speeds. Say 20 down & 5-6 up or there abouts. Or Murasame will be able to give you a better idea of ideal setting. Uploading definitely helps with downlding & overall performance.

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