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wal, dear Lord......

i did the tweaking and the saving on the DL and the UL. did the 1.75 and the 3. ya gotta know though.... that's being optimistic.
rechecked the firewall: all is well.

someone has actually uploaded a file from me! whoop whoop!
was begining to feel a mite parasitic thar....fer jes a lil bit though.

ahhh.... the 26.4k seemed so alien as to be surreal, eh? that's right up there with my initial reaction to this provider.
*wipes tears* 'tis true. it is half of the 56k. and tests (those good ol test thingies from MSN) timed it at a 18.?k.
my foray into rural ND has caused me to do some heavier drugs. doc's a city slicker, so he's clueless, but he upped the dose on the niacin. keeps the b/p down, ya know.

thank you for your speedy response and carin to help. you younguns are mity polite.
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