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Default Guide to magma-lists: Share your file-list on the web.

What Magma-Lists are
A magma-list is in essence an easy way to share your list of most loved files with your friends.

That well beloved feature of iTunes, to let friends listen in to your music-library, but now in a p2p-way, and as a plus the files stay on your computer (so you can listen to the songs whenever you want...).

It is a list of magnet-links, which get read out and downloaded by Phex (and hopefully soon by others) automatically. ( You can get the newest Version at )

How to create Magma-Lists
To create it, simply go to the library of Phex, make sure, that it hashed all your shared files (just select a shared-folder and look in he column "hash". It has to be filles with the hash-value - to share a folder, just do a right click and click either share folder or share folder recursive).

Then click the "export"-button at the bottom of the page and select "Magma list (YAML)" as format. Click on the browse-button next to "output" and select the folder where you want to store the file. For the name, the only limitation is, that it has to end on ".magma".

Send this file to your friends, if via E-Mail, a forum attachment, an IM-file-transfer (ICQ/AIM/YIM/MSN/etc) or by putting it on your webpage, and when they double-click it (on linux: open it with Phex), Phex instantly searches for the files and downloads them.

Further possibilities
You can also make all downloadable contents of your webpage avaible with this by simply putting those files into your shared-folder, sharing only that single folder (waiting, till Phex hashed all the files, which can take anything between 20s and 1h, for really much data, several GB, even longer) and then exporting the file and putting it on your webpage.

Now people can get the files without draining all allowed traffic from your webserver. Should your server be near its quote, you could also make the files avaible via p2p-only to preserve page-viewing capabilities...

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