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Default I am sorry...

When I first started reading this thread.. I though. OMG the nerve of that person telling someone their too stupid! (now you can say it return.. The nerve of soem people to critique others..) I am putting part of it down to the flu though. I have to say that this has been the most helpful unhelpful one yet. I have folloed the instructions (for once in simple enough terms even I couldn't miss it..) and while I am not getting any better results, I am to the point I am thinking it might be comcast not me.. Either way you have been incrediably patient in answering the same sort of question differently yet the same each time. I would almost swear you'd been a Teacher once, except I haven't had that many with that much patience.. I was going to ask what my expected download speed should be, but then realized that in my stupor right now I couldn't answer the basic questions, so I thought instead I would just change that back handed compliment into a front hand clap of "Thanks" for constantly trying to help us out.
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