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Default Bug Squashing Challenge! (open for users and devs)

Phex is nearing its first full release in almost 8 months, and I decided to take the chance to start some small game:


Bug Squashing Challenge


Rules of the game:

Everyone who finds a not-yet-known bug, gets one Spot-point.
Everyone who fixes a bug and submits the changes (either as patch or directly in cvs), gets one Squasher-point.

As soon as the release ships all points get added together and the one with the most points makes it into the Bug Squashing Hall of Fame and his or her name will stay there as long as the data lives on.

All Bugs count!
(except those already in the list and those in earlier versions of Phex)

We will keep track of the Bug-Spots and Squashes in the following Thread:
- Bug Squashing Challenge!
Naturally I am excluded from posting Bug-Spots, but anyone can post Squashes.

A Spot must at the very least include the following information:

- What happened?
- Where did it happen (download-pane, preferences-network, etc)?
- Your Operating System (Windows XP/2000/98/95/...., MacOSX 10.1/10.2.6/10.3.8/..., Linux-version, other)
- Why did it Bug you? (did it cost time or did it destroy a precious download, or did it just look a bit strange? ... )
- How should we call you?

A Squash must include your Alias and an attached patch (or your cvs-Alias, so we can doublecheck in case of conflicting infos).

Now it's your time! Fire up Phex and sharpen your glasses, or get that good old Squasher of yours from the code-cabinet and go squashing!

Meet us in the Bug Squashing Challenge!

(The most recent Beta of Phex can be downloaded here: )

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