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Default getting more host on a active download?

is there a feature thats similar to kazaa/winmx where you could search for more sources while downloading that file? like for example I download a song, I dont wait all the way for the search to finish or it takes forever I go ahead and download the file. afterwords, it will have more host for the same source in the search box. even though I'm downloading from the number of host when I first clicked it to download how come I can get all those other hosts that the search box ends up with when its done? too bad there wasnt a way to right click the active downloading file and click find more sources. it seems to just work like that when there is no host/sources active at all. any one know if there is a way to get more host on an active download? btw I'm a newbie limewire user, I've been a kazaa/winmx/shareaza user but wanted to try something new so I came across lime wire
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