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Hi there,

I have been with Limewire Pro for a while and I noticed that there are lots of fake files, wmv and jpeg, that are i-pod ads or ads for download sites.

often you get a result like this:

search: "wierd crap"
result: w_i_e_r_d__c_r_a_p.wmv

(lets put aside the fact that wmv is the most rediculous excuse for a video format that has ever been inflicted on mankind)
I have filtered out WMV files (and others that I don't need) but still got something separated like that but it was the words rather than the letters that were separated. E.G This_wierd_crap. Also it was an AVI file.

Could this be a WMV in disguise or might it just be a legit file (the size was right for a movie)

Cheers lots, Lindy x
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