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Default Now Me Please

I am on comcast, they said 3mb download, I did the download test on pc pitstop it says 1917kbs Ok. I tried to figure out what you were calculating (and failed miserably) can you be so kind as to tell me what this greek means? They also claim they don't filter P2P so why are my downloads still slow or am I just percieving them to be?
what do you want me to share at this point to know what my best settings should be? I am a wireless notebook on xp with very little clue about what I am doing or should be obv. as I feel like I might have screwed up something vice fix it.. I have windows firewall up, but I believe I have the port opened and set up like suggested.. I am sure I will get a "your stupi" but am I missing something or just not seeing the forest for the trees..
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