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Default Please answers my questions

OK I downloaded Peer Guardian, and I chose Spyware, P2P and Ads.

What does that mean exactly? I assume it doesn't allow these groups monitoring the groups identifed as the above from finding my computer.

Though honestly I'm not looking to share/download any files. I just want to keep my privacy.

But on another larger question, how does Limewire/Gnutella (or any software really) identifies its users? Somewhere the traffic using the IP is logged yes? So where does take place, in the nodes or in the P2P software? I'm confused and (perhaps is obvious) don't have a strong grasp on the jargon, so I could be writing gibberish.

Another wrinkle, I'm logging on through a wireless network, so it seems to me my computer isn't providing any information about my computer, other than the computer has to be close to the where the network is. Yes?
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