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Default Mirror-downloading via magma-lists

Magma-Lists can also be written by hand. For example you can use them to serve a file (or several files), which is/are avaible via many mirrors with phex in such a way, that phex downloads from all mirrors at once.

For that, the file must begin with:
followed by an empty line (this isn't mandatory, but looks nicer).
then in any following line you need to begin the line with
After this parameter, the list of magnets begins. Here, any line must have a space in front of any content, else the list ends.
For every file, begin an object with:
" - " (space hyphen space).
After this you open a magnet inside double-quotes. :

<magnet> must be replaced by the magnet-link. To make a multi-mirror-file-download, the magnet would look something like this:

The dn-parameter specifies the name of your file. here you have to replace every space by a plus-sign ("+").

You can set every parameter on its own line (and even cut the line wherever you want), but the next line has to begin with three spaces (those get ignored when reading the magnet, but tell the program, that the magnet goes on. )

Don't forget to close the magnet with a double-quote.

For the next file, you beging another object with
" - " and go on just like you did with the first.

For additional security you can put the sha1-hash of your file into the magnet. For that, put this to your magnet-link (replacing "<sha1>" with the sha1-value.

The magnet will the look something like this:

To get started, best take an example file and modify it to fit your needs.
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