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Angry Very POOR Implementation

Great idea, crappy implementation.

Especially since there is no help listing.

PLEASE LISTEN LIMEWIRE PROGRAMMERS! You should be able to right click on any listing (search results, uploads, downloads) and have the chat option as one of the popup menu options.

The fact that you guys use Personal Home Page and Apache tells me that you are not Windows user, that you are probably Mac users and have no idea about mouse scroll wheels or actually having buttons on the mouse that are not the entire mouse. Don't get me wrong, I do love the Mac, but Apple has been stupidly stagnant when it comes to updating the mouse. They stole, and I mean that literally, the OS from Xerox so they shouldn't feel bad about stealing adding another freaking button from Micro$loth. Micro$loth did get that right, even if their OS's won't run for more than 47 minutes without crashing and corrupting the hard drive.
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