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Default Office Networks


I think you are under the illusion that your PC is anonymous, in a way it is but, as far as the authorities are concerned, your identity can be discovered if they wanted it. Let me explain how:

When you switch on your office PC it is given an IP address by your DHCP server, your (new) IP address is then associated with your mac address (the unique and permanent hardware address on your network card), these two addresses plus your logon ID and the time and date you actually logged onto your network is all recorded by your main office application server.

So, the number of things that identify you in the office are:

1) Your username and password.
2) The IP Address allocated by your DHCP server.
3) The MAC address indelibly fixed in your network card.
4) The time and date all of the above came together
and, if you access the internet,
5) Your firewall log will record all four of the above.

Therefore, wherever you log on in your office network, i.e. London, New York or Paris, your office servers will record the information. If the authorities want to find out who you are then they can because your IP address contains enough detail to identify your organisation, and from there identify you.

If you have any doubt about what I have just explained then strike up a casual conversation with your IT Security People, I am sure you will be sufficiently enlightened.

UK Bob

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