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Talking found a couple of things

a few minor tweeks to what i've been running at, and low and behold the dl i'm not about to give you full credit ;-)

but i figure the gentleman could have been disconnected, and all that, only to come back and have 20 people all wanting the same file from him (yes i notice the same ip #s dl'ing the other episodes from me as soon as i get them)

for upload vs download...4kb/s dl could be a slow connection on the other end, or could be the 37kb/s that i'm uploading to other people, either way i'm happy, and i thank you for bothering to "listen" to me rant....which reminds me there are things about people that bother me,

1.) people who feel the need to use " " all the time to feel superior
2.) people who excessively use ( ) when a comma (sp) would work just as well
and 3.) people who write like they are talking, using ..... to display pauses in speech

btw i am a horrible speller, and was refering to myself about all three ;-)

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