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This is a difficult bug to reproduce and to fix. Actually the plattform together with the Java VM and the selected Look and Feel (Skin) is responsible to layout the dialogs and elements.
You can try to use a different Look and Feel and check after a restart if there are still the same problems. It might be that certain Look and Feels behave wrong on some plattforms.
The Look and Feel controlls anything from component sizes, layout and fonts. Phex only uses thirdparty LaFs, like Plastic or the standard Java LaF Metal.

Originally posted by lokad
- What happened?
Dialogs where not visible and just partly visible after resizing. Then there was a huge space in the lower right corner and the component stuck in the upper left one (happened only once in each tested java version). The rows in the different tables are either too small or too wide (height) and also the pane headers, menu entries and menuitems are too high (height). This happened with blackdown-jdk-, but not with sun-jdk- (ther was only _one time_ the prob that the really-shut-down-? dialog was only displayed after resizing it, never happened again)
- Where did it happen?
- Your Operating System
Linux 2.6.11 mm4
- Windowmanager
- Why did it Bug you?
It did just look a bit strange
- How should we call you?

Best regards lokad
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