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Default Re: I am "re-registered" Boo_hoohoo *guest* now *whymewhynow*

Originally posted by whymewhynow
I didn't realize till now that I wasn't logging in as a registered person again. I couldn't get into boo_hoohoo for some reason so am starting "over". Please if you can tell me where to look for "Correcting" the problems seen. I did double check the notes to "set up limewire" correctly.. It looks right..

Ok, girl. Let's take it from the top: where are you trying to connect from: work, home, university?
Do you have a router? Any other firewalls?
iMac G4 OSX 10.3.9
LW 4.10.5 Basic
ADSL anything from 3 to 8Mbps/around 1024kbps

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