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Question Connected Host features

I've seen other clients that attempt to access a web interface to a connected host.

I would like to see a way to browse a host (or maybe access a host's web interface, or both) from the connections screen.

I believe this would be similar to the monitor screen, by double-clicking on a monitored search; you search for that same thing...

I'd like to click on a host and browse through what files they have, if any. Right click: see a menu for: Browse host, access web interface, etc.
I'd like to see what kind of client a connected host is using. (Gnotella, Bearshare, etc.)
Does Limewire have an HTTP style interface, anyways?
Perhaps make it easier to ban types of IPs, and Ban firewalled IPs (and not get search results with these IPs, upon preference). (i.e. 90.*.*.* ; 192.168.*.* ; 10.*.*.* ; etc.)
(i.e. Browse a connected host and find they are hosting illegal stuff, then click a ‘ban’ button and kick them off your gnutella connection)
Is there any way to confirm a connected IP?? I've been having trouble connecting to hosts that Force their IP to something different than what it is supposed to be.
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