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Originally posted by et voilą
Yes, it uses GnucDNA (latest is GnucDNA is not really bad when used alone. However, add the KaZaA network also included in iMesh 5 and you get a scary app. Another multinetwork app using GnucDNA, that is the sad part (Damn, GnucDNA should be really return to GPL instead of LGPL)

PS. iMesh struck a deal with RIAA so they are probably trying to sell IP addresses and all the info they get get about their users to the RIAA ....

Yet another good reason not to use iMesh. I also heard that they are going to become a paid network service with having files that requires an license to play. These protected files will be shared on the Gnutella Network by iMesh users. I guess the RIAA is trying to corrupt Gnutella the same way that they corrupted Kazaa Network.
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