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Default xp firewall

I disconnected it as asked..

- listing session information --
Current thread: AWT-EventQueue-0
Active Threads: 38
Uptime: 7:29:20
Is Connected: true
Number of Ultrapeer -> Ultrapeer Connections: 0
Number of Ultrapeer -> Leaf Connections: 0
Number of Leaf -> Ultrapeer Connections: 5
Number of Old Connections: 0
Acting as Ultrapeer: false
Acting as Shielded Leaf: true
Number of Active Uploads: 0
Number of Queued Uploads: 0
Number of Active Managed Downloads: 1
Number of Active HTTP Downloaders: 1
Number of Waiting Downloads: 45
Received incoming this session: false
Number of Shared Files: 311
Guess Capable: false
Received Solicited UDP: true
SIMPP version: 7
Port Stable: true
FWT Capable: true
Last Reported Port: 6348
External Port: 6348
IP Pongs Received: 292
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