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ursula is a great assister to others; your light through the dark tunnel

Me ('urs') seems to = main eBook bum hereabouts !!!

If you find a p2p network/system with more eBooks than Gnutella Network, please let me know, OK ?

I am sharing over 6,500 of them and there are others in the 8,500 to 12,000 eBook titles sharing bank... Individuals, that is !!!

You may need to 'refine' your search arguments, huh ?


.lit (if you have the MS apps installed)



.doc (can be blocked by default with many clients...)

and others...

Strongly suggest that you also use BearShare... You may find an even greater 'hit' rate within Gnutella Network then when using LimeWire...



Took me 9 weeks to finally get 1 cook book... 95 MBs, mind you, but worth it !!!


One major problem with all p2p sharing is that most people are trying to share too many files to too many people (slots) at the same time... When it takes 3 days to D/L a 265KB eBook file then you know that you are dealing with a Shareaza idiot !!! (Or similar !)
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