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It doesn’t matter if there is a copyright certificate or not on that particular episode of The Simpsons, this is a "copyright" product and you can be prosecuted and/or sued for taking part in downloading and distributing it.

And yes, you can copy TV programmes onto video and/or DVD as long as you do not distribute or sell them, i.e. the copies must be for your own use. However, you would get short shrift from any judge if you compared what you are doing with “recording from a TV”.

Though it can be said that many people do use the P2P network to distribute copyright material you will find that those that are caught by the RIAA or MPAA are heavily fined.

You, in your zealousness, have put your head above the water as one who readily takes part in cheating copyright holders out of their money and, quite frankly, you have no defence. Saying that “everyone is doing it” or “I didn’t know” will not help you if you get that “certain” letter in your mailbox or knock on your door and will certainly not help you in court.

Always remember, distributing copyright material, whether by P2P-ing, handing out videos or DVDs, without any recompense to the copyright owners, is illegal and you can be prosecuted for it.

Finally, there is more than enough legally distributed non-copyright material to keep many people, such as myself, very happy. I would suggest, for the future, you leave the copyrighted stuff alone.

UK Bob

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