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hehe--good to see this annual request for the Edit menu again.

I've asked around for while too, and apparently Java doesn't offer programmers such a cross-platform option yet (don't know about Java 1.5).

So, java programmers are apparently waiting for the developers of Java to offer such functionality.

Otherwise, each platform would need to write an Edit Menu which would be separate for each platform, with all the debugging and support writing separate platform-specific code would entail.

Since the main keyboard commands (select all, copy, paste) have been implemented, it's been easy to copy results, file names, bug reports and all the other useful data.

So, thanks to the devs for doing all they can: looks like they're making good use of the Pro support.

Cough it up gfox: time to pay

btw Sam: can we please have an Edit Menu?
(and corrections to my misunderstandings will be appreciated too)
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