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Lightbulb Separate the MP3 data from the tags (metadata)

QUALITY and PERFORMANCE for both Searching and Downloading can be greatly improved... everybody wins!

Shareaza is already doing this:

Fundamentally, any file type may have data and metadata. (.MP3, .JPG, .AVI, etc...) Let's focus on MP3's, for example:
  • The audio part of an MP3 file is the data.
  • The tags part of an MP3 file is the meta-data.
There are now dozens (hundreds?) of file-versions of the same data, with different metadata out there!!! If I download any file, and then fix some erroneous tags, then I've just created yet another version of the same damn MP3 data file! (Happens thousands of times a day, I'll bet!)

I wish we all could manage our MP3 data separately from the metadata!!! Lots more quality sharing could be happening, instead we are just sharing a huge spiralling vortex of file-entropy! (xxAA, where XX=RI or MP, spamming iPod ads notwithstanding!)

SHAREAZA already has implemented something like this -- for MP3's at least... and it works VERY WELL!!! I recently noticed this behavior:
  • Do a search, see dozens of hits (on a one line display).
  • Click to expand that line, you can see each host/file, nested under that top line.
  • Hover the mouse over each file-line, see a popup with the tag metadata.
  • Pick the one file-version you like best (the only difference being the tag metadata...)
  • Presto! You have just decreased entropy and INCREASED QUALITY! You got to QUICKLY pick the best metadata version out there!
  • You're downloading best-quality tags, not random-crap!!!
  • DOWNLOAD PERFORMANCE also improves for everyone, because the tag comes from the one best source, but the larger data part comes from all available host-sources, pooled!!! It's a WIN-WIN-WIN!!!
This feature alone may have users gravitate towards Shareaza over LimeWire, imho ...

File-version-metadata-management: intuitive, easy, friendly but powerful!

Pooled (aggregated) data, independent of meta-data = much faster downloads!

Along the same lines, but maybe with much more overhead, imagine hovering over an icon on any host/file line and seeing the BITZI Ratings and COMMENTS! Woo Hoo! File-Sharing Nirvana!

Just a concept... may need some generalization + refinements...
Here's my offering... brainstorming... I'd love to beta test any prototypes!!! (I'd rather write specs and do the testing, rather than the coding... )

FYI: I've been using LimeWire PRO (paid 3x so far) for about 2 years now, and it's a great tool... about 6 months ago, I got Shareaza -- just to try TORRENTS... wow, those can be blazing fast, and exceptionally resilient. DL'd a 7GB file, that took a week, but it was 100% perfect when done! I've noticed many nice, powerful features in Shareaza, yet the U/I remains highly intuitive...
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