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Hmm don't know if I should be doing this. And another mod may come along & decide my post should be deleted. I'm also not sure whether Mac OS disks are copy protected. If not then you have a few options. You can use Roxio Toast which is a cd/dvd burner program. Put the disk in, open Toast, select the Copy tab. Then hold down the apple & D keys or go to file menu & choose Save as Disk image. After it's finished, click the Advanced menu via the little blue & white button on the Toast window, & tick Image File. Then drag & drop the disk image you just saved which will be called Mac """.Toast into the main Toast window. Then put a blank disk into the drive .. be that cd or dvd whichever is appropriate & press the Big Red button bottom right of the Toast window.

Another way is to use Disk Copy. Open Disk Copy. Go to menu bar & select Image>Convert Image... (or just hold down apple & K keys) & choose a location to save the image. After saving, you put a blank disk into the drive & go to Disk Copy's menu again>Image>Burn (or hold down apple & B keys.) Simple as that.

But with both Toast & Disk Copy you should set burn speed to minimum to guarantee no problems burning. For Disk Copy go to its preferences>Burning & select 1x. For Toast you'll have the option when you press the red burn button.

There's a slightly similar example HERE (click on link) re: choosing Image File to burn within Toast. My instruction for Toast were for version 6 not 5. For Toast 5 instructions send me a pm.
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