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Default can limewire work better?

Kazaa Lite - has LP whipped unless someome can tell me different

1. LP times out.. with Kazaa you can have it retry downloads for minutes or hours or until it gets the file

2. auto refreash hosts.... when the group of host you have dry's out there should be a way to set a auto refreash

3. can we please set our OWN content in the windows the defaut is designed to be cumbersome.. wouldn't it be nice to see traffic in and out on the same page or I'm I thinking ahead of the class

4. USEFULL filters in search such as
-size - more than xx kb, mb or less than xx kb
and the very importaint NOT XX -- (this feature alone would stop the crap that clogs the system

how about quanity-- screw quality once I know a file name then it's a matter of time before it gets close but alais I can not tell the filters search until you find xx number of results

and in final.. let the people who PAID for the program enter or remove thier own blocked words.... (yes I got news for ya..Limey has keyword block built in... files found by other engines won't be found by Lime.. someone is watching.... what is thier full blacklist I wonder???
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