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can you find all your files outside of limewire? or are they gone from your shared folder too? if you had enought time to download 2000+ files you should have had enought time to lern how to use limewire proporley. if you had 2000 files the first time you ever ran limewire you may have selected to share your entire hard drive during the install, if this is the case you should imediatley stop using LW until the problem is rectified. because if your sharing your entire hard drive then EVERYTHING (system files ,your email info, all your work, posibley your credit card numbers etc)on your computer is being shared with the general puplic. onley share things in the "shared folder" directory. also sharing 2000 plus songs/videos is verry dangorus because the riaa onley sues people with LOTS of files. share maybe 300 files max to reduse the risk of getting caught.
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