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For those of you having startup problems, Java (JRE) version is what you need! Uninstall your Java & re-install the JRE version. Also those with connection issues try deleting your LW preferences folder; instructions for this & a link to the Java can be found here: Fixes for Limewire (By the way, don't install Java over the net, save the installer program to your computer 1st, & then install it. Installing over the net can cause issues.)

Make sure your firewalls are properly configured to allow LW full access:
And only have one firewall active, since 2 firewalls can interfere with each other. Remember Windows XP has its own firewall!

You can double-check your status by doing these tests: Using your browser go here: The page should say 'Your test worked!'. What happens when you go there?

Do this test: Bug Report instructions & sample image Is the result True/False? (If False then you have a firewall issue ... either due to internal firewall or possibly a modem/router - if it's your modem-router in which case you should go here: & Manual port forward instructions & sample image & 2 posts after that.)
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