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Angry computer pissin me off....again

problem#1: for some reason i cant play dvds on WMP ,it keeps telling me it needs a decoder and iv installed at least 4 dvd decoders with no result . dvds played fine on my other computer on WMP, why cant i get it to work???!

problem#2: my drive letters seem to be ****** up , for some reson my boot/system drive is "D" and my xtra storage partition on the same physical drive is "C". this is causing some programs to not install/work corectley and it alsow just bothers the hell out of me (kind of like a crooked picture on your wall or a squeeky floorbored).

problem# 3: it keeps crashing for no aperant reson(i think i might have fixed the problem with the firewall that might have been causing this but better safe than sorry) . it just crashes and re-starts and then sez "windows has recoverd from a serious error ...blah blah blah...please send error report to microsoft"ect.

help grateley aprecieated, computer is : p4 3.4 ghz, 1gb ram, xp pro sp1, 120gb drive partitioned into 70gb boot and a 50gb storage . and a second 300gb drive, 550w PSU

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