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as BBBBBBoBBBByBBBBBoy has mentioned....

Sounds like it could be a basic 'house-keeping' problem...

I mean, do you have any virtual drives... assuming that is the case ??????????????

Sounds like and 'expert-specialist-friend' has attacked your machine !!!

Save ALL important PERSONAL stuff...

Then, FORMAT your C:\ HDD with ONE and ONLY ONE partition... (unless you're really smart and you'll also try Linux !)

You haven't exactly blinded us with details re: your computer, so we have to do a lot of guess work which is basically a wank for you and us, huh ???

Hit us with details !!!

AND...... Keep your Program/Application stuff on your C: Drive.... put the files and folders that are personal, i.e. music, video, text.... geddit ?... on your 'auxiliary drives...

It's a performance thing more than anything else...

Come back for more help, right ?