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ok the firewall thing i tride dident i reformatted and re installed windows , and now my drive letters are fine. i did this befor i red your last reply . ok , i do have 1 vertual cd drive created by alcohol 120% , what dose that have to do with this agen?? . and no , no high egoed friends have ever touched this machine so all the problems are moast likeley my falt. ok , i saved all my crap to the auxilary 300gb drive , shut down the pc, un plugged it, disconected the drive with my crap on it from the rest of the system, reformatted the main boot drive and re installed windoze. i did create 2 partitions on the main disk , windows is installed to C:\ and D:\ is now emtey and intended for my videos ,was this a smart move??. what details do you need? i can give you all the specs and details you need but i dont know where to start so ....just tell me what details you need. i havent tride anything dvd wize yet so i dont know where i am there. i allways persue these threads until people stop replying so i wont stop talking till you do.