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Default Burning a audio CD from your MP3's (limewire)

OK, you downloaded your favourite MP3 tracks and now you want to burn them to CD.

First of all, you got to know where your MP3 files (songs) are stored.
Normally this would be under:
C:\Documents and Settings\"your account name"\Shared
If it is not there, you have specified an other directory during Limewire install, and you should know where to find it.
If you can't remember, use the Limewire Library's Explore button to find it on your hard drive.
Or use the Windows search and search for a file you know is in your shared folder.

Start up your CD burning programme, and choose Audio CD .
Add the files you want to burn from the Limewire shared folder.
Click burn, and make sure you don't set the burning speed to Max, if you do so chances are your music might sound distorted.

If you want to create a MP3 CD as a backup, or for use in MP3 compatible CD players or (most) standalone DVD players, you choose Data CD .
And, with burning a data CD, the speed should allso not be set to max. to avoid clicks and pops.
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