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On Windows, the LimeWire installer will install JRE 1.5 if it detects the machine doesn't have Java, or has a version of Java below 1.4.1. All Macs come pre-installed with Java, so the Mac installer doesn't do anything. The Linux installer also doesn't attempt to install Java.

The Windows JRE installation goes in a few steps. We ship Sun's tiny stub-installer, which will contact Sun and download the appropriate parts for the JRE. If that doesn't work, we'll download a compressed version of the JRE from our site and try a full install. Both of those are installed silently. If neither worked, we'll try doing a full-blown non-silent JRE install also.

As far as the text in the article codes -- you probably should also mention that you can download the code from and build & run it yourself (or download the prepackaged zip file) and it will work on any computer with Java. The installers are really just packaging, for ease of use for the casual consumer.