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Default GUI notes

All comments based on a G3 iBook running OS 10.3.9. I've updated the CVS each evening this past week, and run as an Ultrapeer. I know Tiger has fixed quite a few java bugs on OS X (like the Vmem problem), but here are some notes.

Good to see Clear History implemented, though it would look less odd as a standard "Clear Menu" item menu, rather than the button.

I like the "Search More." Woud prefer the keyword to be sent to the search box (for editing before searching), though.

I hope the repeat search "search for keyword" will be extended to files in the download pane too. Better yet--implement "send to search box" for creating a slight variation of the search.

Download pane--hope to see the tooltip extended to show truncated text in Name and Status columns. Actually, it would be nice if any truncated text could be shown in tooltips, no matter what Pane is being viewed.

Copying entries: Like in a spreadsheet, allow a way to only copy the "cell(s)" selected, or the entire row(s).

Monitor Pane: Pulsing blue bars should stop pulsing for complete uploads (as they do for 100% complete progress bars)

All Panes: discontinuous selects should toggle the status of the command-clicked item. Currently, select-all and command-clicking an item to deselect it will deselt all the others and select the one that should be deselected.

Search Pane: trying to close a search tab when several are open is often not immediate: several clicks and pauses may be needed. In general, closing search tabs has responded inconsistenty for a while

Hope to see truncation of the text details for Direct Connect (overflow could be shown in tooltip). On a small size window, it can look really ugly.