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Default Don't Get Victimized by this!!!!

Ok here's how to detect it. If you have downloaded an exe file or zip file which gave you the ISTsvc Virus, then there is a big possibility that your UPLOAD File is flooded with 3,000 more of this same exe file or zip file disguised with some other software names. Eventually, these files are open for downloading by other unsuspecting users. No one will know since the file name is camouflaged to some other filenames such as those which they would want to download. Worst, this file will keep on multiplying and it would perhaps make LIMEWIRE have the same fate as what KAZAA had... FULL OF CRAPS!!

So if

1. You have downloaded an exe or zip that can't be installed (Normally it will give you a message that says: Software outdated, contact vendor for copy" or something to that effect.

2. You are infected with ISTsvc spyware

3. The total numbers of files you share to LIMEWIRE for upload suddenly went up to hundreds (You can find that below Quality indicator bar)

4. When you scan for virus or adwares you notice that you suddenly have C:\Uploads and it takes a long time to scan it because of the large no. of files which you never thought of having

Then you are victimized!!!!

I even scanned this file with Norton and Ad-aware and no virus or adware was detected

To remove these annoying files is to simply type C:\Uploads in your location bar and type enter OR unhide ALL hidden folders and locate C:\Uploads and delete them

Remember these are "hidden files" and the size of each file is 765.5 kb

and you have to remove the ISTsvc Spyware and other IST spywares (they come in group) with Spybot, Ad-aware and Spyware doctor that can all be downloaded for free.

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