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Thanks for the comments Sam.

for CVS builds, I log the terminal's date and time of the update. e.g "Sun Jun 5 10:48:01." Better yet, can the sample bug report add a line "last updated"?

Re: 'Clear History', the standard in OSX works well across all the apps that use a menu clear: the "Clear Recent" or "Clear Menu" item is alway at the bottom and separated by a line (I think it's called a menu divider). This should work for LW, and should be always available, but greyed out if no entries are available as a confirmation that the history has been cleared.

Re: 'Search More', the checkmark item for sending the term to the search box would be useful.

good to see the bounty program working, though I can see the politics could be a bit tricky

Re: 'Truncated Text' -- thanks for the tip about extended tooltips overriding truncated tips. What about just having the extended info display over one of the default columns, like "Status" for the downloads, monitor, and connection panes, and truncated tips for the others?

Re: 'Copying Entries' --sorry to hear about moving away from the spreadsheet look. As a new user, leveraging spreadsheets experience helped me get going with LW. iTunes uses it successfully too, so there's more leverage. The keyboard copying works, but I have to dump the rows into a spreadsheet to get the info, and edit out the unnecessary cells like the icon info. I was just looking to save a few steps, like when I wanted to copy just a filename to paste and edit in the keyword search box (especially when results are in Asian scripts).

Re: 'Pulsing bars on Uploads' -- keep the current behaviour: I find it useful to see that some uploads are complete, yet not 100%.This gives a quick sense of what files swarmed, and which ones are unique or uploaded through browse-host. Well worth the minor irritation of the pulsing.

Re: 'Odd Search Close Behaviour' -- Like Windows, closing a window works immediately when I click the red dot in Safari and other apps like the Finder. Just not in LW, but I haven't checked if it's the same with other java apps.

Re: 'Lots of java.lang.Errors' -- I can maintain connections, and transfers continue when this happens. The connections Pane shows others connecting too. However, the dialog prevents switching panes or using any menu items.

Re: 'Quit menu item disabled' -- The UI refreshes (Connection info updates, IIRC)and I'll post the stacktrace printed out by 'kill -QUIT <pid>' the next time it happens. I suspect it's a low hard drive space condition,since it hasn't happened with this last session.

BTW, I noticed inconsistent greying menu behaviour is similar when Help->Generate Error is chosen.

Re: 'Not many leaves' -- Not sure how long I have have been seeing fewer leaves. A few weeks at least, especially since I hadn't run LW's for a couple of weeks. Still, this last session (18 hrs), I never saw more than 29 leaves.