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Default Home Made PCs

Peerless & CRT

What can I say, other than I felt the same way when starting to build my own PC, I too felt that I knew my own needs and requirements better than anyone else and that no one would give me the facilities and features I wanted.

But guess what, a little thing called life (and family) got in the way and I had to make a choice, spend time putting a new PC together or spend time with the family.

And, when all said and done, my compromise of buying a new PC has not been that bad.

CRT, sorry if I came over as "too pessimistic" but I have seen PCs and servers that have had cascading failures, where they lost their power prematurely and internal items (memory, HD, network cards, etc.) started to fail, one after the other.

Finally, I guess it's just a point of seeing your glass as half empty or half full.

UK Bob

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