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sp2 dosent do anything , as far as i know its an atemt by microf**** to trick you into istalling a bunch of drm and "paledeum" or whatever the **** its called stuff on your pc.
i installd sp2 on my other pc and it killed it so iv avoided sp2 ever since.

dear I HAVE NO ACCONT. YOU ARE A FAT BUTTHOLE . why ? because allmoast everything iv herd from you has been compleatley WRONG! especaley all of you little comments in our disscussion about D-VHS in the other thread(wich i will prove your wrongness in tomorrow) not to menshon many other subjects. so i dont think you have much credibility!

uk and anybody els who cairs: uk im sorry that your homade pc dident go over well . if you do it you need lots of time and patshents wich im asuming is hard to do with kids/famley, nagging wife/girlfrind/mother etc if that is indeed your case. you may have just had bad luck on your first try and may want to try again somtime. BTW i figured out what is wrong with mine...its the modem...the onley thing that i cheeped out on(go to pcvs mac vs linux perfomace issues for more details)

dear moderators, if you feel you must cencor the butthole remark please do ,but please dont remove why im mad at mr no account over there.

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