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First of all, I'm not fat at all nor do I use the FAT filesystem anywhere. If you don't have a hole in your butt, I really pity you because that must be a rather painful experience.

Next, SP2 kills no hardware. If it caused any problems, you have to be a little more precise than "killed" or "****** **" because that's shallow kiddy speak without any useful semantics. I'm not Microsoft, if MS Windows has a bug, report it to them. You paid them for it, not me or anyone else. I've submitted bug reports and bug fixes for free software and most often the support was better than anything a commercial vendor like Microsoft will ever offer.

If Microsoft combines legit bugfixes along with dubious DRM and TCPA updates, that's their right and their business. Nobody forces you to use their products and almost nobody would recommend them anyway. However, it's not acceptable that thousands of misguided, pseudo-paranoid, uneducated, incapable users turn the Internet into a spam and worm arena. It's that simple: Don't use MS Windows or just stay offline otherwise.

Further, I don't have to be 100% correct or correct at all. I know very well that I exaggerate sometimes. I expect intelligent readers to get that. That doesn't mean at all that I spout lies or misleading false information. What I write is based on my opinions and my attitude, that's all. Basically, I don't give a farting crap about my credibility because I know very well what kind of retards many of the so-called "credible" people are which turns "credibility" into a shallow useless attribute.

Last but not least, if you think I made an error or told something wrong in whatever thread and context, just correct it. In the end, everybody has to decide for himself whom he trusts and what he believes. It's not like you cannot find information yourself about almost everything using Google, Wikipedia etc.

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